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• Each table built by its designer
• Handmade in Redding, CT USA
• U.S. Patent #7309051

Play surfaces designed for Brio and Thomas tables are interchangeable with the Nec-A-Nec table.

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The Nec-A-Nec table's construction and patented design

Table leg patent

This is the patented Nec-A-Nec table leg design; click here to read more about it

The Nec-A-Nec table's initial design featured a traditional fixed-height leg. This being a children's table, though, I decided to make it grow along with its users. So I designed a second leg that firmly anchors to the original leg design, allowing the table to grow five inches in height, affording your child many more years of comfortable play at a table just right for them. This leg design is unique to the Nec-A-Nec table and patented to us.

To add to the appeal of our tables, I wanted a decorative play surface. I thought of a chess board with castles, the board being the site of battle. A local artist friend, June Lamoreaux, created a perfect painting representing every chess piece as a character (click here to see it and all of the designs). The ideas and designs are hers, one as beautiful as the next. The paintings are then digitally photographed by our local commercial photographer (they are 31" x 46" and too large to scan). At the printer, dyes are applied directly to the surface of a sheet of plastic and cured by UV light.

The wood I use for the tables is white ash. I use a hand plane rather than sand the wood to achieve a beautiful shine. The acrylic finish on the wood is absolutely child safe.

The legs of the table are inset two inches in each corner, to help prevent children from stubbing their toes. Other manufacturers build their legs to the interior edge (at best) of the table tops frame, to cut costs by simplifying construction and reducing material use.

Another attribute of the Nec-A-Nec table is the storability of the play surfaces. The play surface prints are 1/20" thick. The raised edge of the table is 3/4". Multiple prints can be stored flat and safe on the table top. It is easy to remove the one your child wants to play on and place it atop the stack.

The table is 100% pure wood construction, except the top, which is hard board (a dense fiber board). All wood is 1" thick. Other manufacturers tables are 3/4" thick at best, rarely all wood (particle board, MDF, etc.) and the pieces are joined by the cheapest methods. The Nec-A-Nec table is glued along the length of all long joints; smaller connections use either lag screws or mortise and tenon.

The table has a 3 year warranty covering any material or design failure that may occur from normal use; Nec-A-Nec will replace any part that fails and send the replacement part to you at no cost. All that is asked is that you return the part that failed.

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